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What is the best etiquette when contacting you?

When reaching out to me for the first time, envision it as crafting a profile introduction on a dating site. Feel free to share about yourself as much as you're comfortable with, offering a glimpse into your personality, interests, and what brings you here. Let's embark on this conversation with openness and authenticity. (i.e., likes, dislikes, favourites, plans for our time together). Please, include all information, along with your requested date and length of date in your initial email or text message. You also may fill out the Booking Form in on the Contact page. For more details, read my Contact page. Please remember always to be a gentleman. Emails with missing information or that are impolite or disrespectful will not receive responses.

What information do I need to provide prior to meet?

Screening & Verification 

Please note that I only meet gentlemen with screening information. If you are new to my companionship, you must be willing to be screened.

I am a discreet companion who prioritizes your privacy above all else. Screening is an essential part of ensuring a safe and secure environment where both of us can thrive.
That said, I am requiring you to provide the following information: 

1.    Screening & Verification

a)    One reference from independent providers you have seen in the last 12 months.
b)    Unaltered Government Photo ID

2.    Deposit
Submitting 25% deposit by E-Transfer.

What is your confirmation policy?

I will provide a confirmation for our scheduled encounters at least 24 hours prior our date. Please respond to my confirmation message at least 12 hours prior.

Failure to do so will result in the booking being considered cancelled and may incur a cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

What are your stats?

I’m originally from the beautiful province of Quebec, proudly representing my French-Canadian heritage. While my journey has taken me from Vancouver to now settling in Toronto, my distinctive French accent remains a treasured part of my identity. Academically, I pursued business studies before immersing myself in a private program where I attained certification as a personal trainer, fueled by my fervor for holistic nutrition.

Furthermore, standing at 5’7" in my late 20s, throughout my life, I've prioritized a healthy hygiene lifestyle. Engaged in bodybuilding, I commit to workouts at least five days a week, creating a stress-free environment that has helped me maintain a strong and fit physique.

What are you looking for in a suitor?

I'm thrilled at the prospect of meeting someone who values authentic connections and stimulating conversations. A kind-hearted, gallant, and spirited individual truly resonates with me. To make a remarkable first impression, simply arrive with an open heart, a warm smile, fresh breath, and impeccable hygiene.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept cash payments.

Can I review you?

Unfortunately, no. I have a strict no review policy.

Although, I'm pleased to hear about your experience! If you're interested in providing feedback, please reach out to me directly. Not adhering to this may result in your review being disregarded.

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